Monday, September 2, 2013

Leisurely Now

I think I am now fully recovered from my Polish travels. Among many good things that came out of my trip there is one that I especially cherish, for its linguistic applications. I think I now am fully at peace about the interchangeability of the languages I know to different extent. I used to think that if I switch between them, I will dig myself into a full linguistic confusion and won't be able to express myself properly in any language. I liked to keep my languages as separate as possible.

I think it was the necessity of buying materials to learn Norwegian - materials that were prepared in Polish - that made my understand how silly I was being. Needless to say, I now intend to take a full advantage of all the languages I've been playing with. I was even considering getting the Assimil Norwegian course done for French speakers, alas, I'm not yet so brave.

Norwegian-wise, last week was used for a bit of a review. I was trying to get my Norsk to the pre-trip levels and work out some of the long-term goals I would like to set. Even though my changeable nature is already demanding another language, I decided that Norwegian will stay with me till the end of 2013. I am hereby scrapping my original goal of the B1 level by mid-September, and giving myself a few more months for the same linguistic scope. I think it proves maturity of both my resolution and my resolve. I am very proud of myself at this moment and I won't let this feeling be interrupted by any silly reminder that a won't be achieving my goal at the speed of light after all!

I will now go and read some more of Anne fra Bjørkely - at the most leisurely speed.