Monday, July 15, 2013

Experiment Finished - To New Beginnings!

I did it. I studied Norwegian consistently for 14 days. Just as I promised. In fact, I kept most of my promises (to myself) - I limited the number of my resources, I almost managed to resist buying books to learn Norwegian and I truly managed to resist immersing myself in the ones I did buy, I studied every single day and didn't let the early hiccups with pronunciation get to me enough to make me stop. 

The experiment did have the desired effect - I got to like the language enough to want to continue. Despite the fact that my dictionary is tiny, my books are not taking up even one shelf and my pronunciation is still very shaky. 

So this is the plan for the next 2 months (yes, I'm keeping Norwegian in my life for at least 2 months):
  • Incorporate into my studying plan Teach Yourself Norwegian and Speak Norwegian with Confidence 
  • Read some Norwegian literature (in English) - from Sigrid Undset to Linn Ullmann (I attempted Knut Hamsun's Hunger so far, for the second time, and I already know that despite his genius, Knut will not be read at the beginning of my Norwegian linguistic education.)
  • Consistently listen to Norwegian radio
  • Research Norwegian artists and educate myself on Norwegian culture  
With all this, I will still try not to overdo it with all the resources. I know that it's generally good to surround oneself with the language as much as possible but in the past it had a way to distract me from my studies rather than help me. However difficult it will be, I'm planning to restrict myself at least at the beginning.

I wonder what level I could reach with 2 more months of study. 

I bet I could get to B1 if I put my mind to it! Yes, this is my new mission - to get to the (self-established) B1 level in Norwegian by September 15, 2013. I can't wait!